A Dinosaur Easter! Easter Candy Gift Basket for Kids


This Dino-mite basket will be a huge hit this Easter! It arrives piled high with special sweet treats, gifts, activities, and two large, super soft, plush dinosaurs!
Dinosaur Truck with Dinosaur Activity Figures, Candy Filled Jurassic Park Egg, Chocolate Filled Dinosaur Egg, Assorted English Toffee with Mini Metal Hammer (for breaking it up), Assorted Cookies, Chocolate Pretzels
Soft Plush Baby Dino Triceratops, Soft Plush Baby Dino Diplodocus, 3-in-1 Dinosaur Bubble Pen (stamper, bubble blower and pen), Dinosaur Egg Putty, Assorted Dinosaur Lollipops, Dinosaur Sticker Book, Skittles Candy, Swedish Fish Candy, Large Bubblegum filled Crayon, Spree Candy
Perfect Easter gift basket for family and friends alike!
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